'What We Have Seen…': Higher Education in the Dominican Tradition

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A thesis: Dominican colleges and universities should be schools of ophthalmology. To develop this thesis, this essay begins with a brief reflection on 1 Jn 1:1-4, and then considers contemplation as a journey into vision. Following that are focal points from the tradition that might help name what is or should be distinctive about Dominican higher education. After a brief description of what is meant by tradition, the essay looks at the context and motivation for the Order of Preachers. It then explores the Dominican way of seeing reality through two lenses: tradition and the signs of the times. Continuing the discussion of focal points, the essay notes the importance of common study and briefly describes characteristic emphases in the Dominican intellectual tradition. Finally, this paper reflects on education in the Dominican tradition specifically as: (1) discourse toward a common sense and (2) education toward the common good.

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