A Framework for Success: Newman’s Recipe for Right Relationships between Catholic Colleges and Universities and Their Increasingly Non-Catholic Administrators, Faculty, and Students

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Ellen K. Boegel, Esq.


Universities struggling to recapture their Catholic identity in an increasingly pluralistic campus environment learn from Idea of a University that Catholic identity is fostered by two essential elements: a culture of the intellect and a loyal Catholic spirit. Catholics and non-Catholics can build vibrant Catholic campuses by working together to fi nd the right relationship between academic freedom and religious responsibility. This article encourages Catholic universities to open their doors to non-Catholics while also embracing the Catholic Intellectual Tradition and recognizing the academic relevance of Catholic thought to all disciplines. Catholic identity will fl ourish when faculty and students are free to debate and discuss controversial issues while learning the nuanced and often multi-faceted Catholic response to those issues.

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Ellen K. Boegel, Esq., St. John’s University

Ellen Boegel is an Associate Professor, St. John’s University, Staten Island, NY.