Sharing the Lasallian Mission in the Classroom Positively Affects Student Perceptions

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Jeffrey Sable


The mission statement of a college or university is often considered to be an important part of the institutional identity. However, little research has explored the relationship between students and the institutional mission in the classroom itself. I explored the effects of (1) a statement in the syllabus about how the instructor perceives that the Lasallian and institutional mission applies to his own classes, and (2) starting each class period with a reminder of the mission. According to student survey responses administered at the beginning and the end of the semester, both practices had positive effects on student perceptions of the classroom environment. Furthermore, they appeared to have positive effects on student perceptions of the institution and the Lasallian mission. These effects persisted through the semester. Such practices may make the mission more salient to students — as well as to instructors.

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