Merciful Practices of a Business Program: A Case Study

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Traci B. Warrington, D.B.A.
Arlene J. Nicholas, Ph.D.
Judith Keenan, M.A.


The service-learning experiences provided by the Business & Economics Department are carefully crafted to exemplify the Mercy mission at Salve Regina University. By practicing what they are learning, and teaching others what they know, students are able to retain a higher percentage of that which is taught. It also gives them the opportunity to put their knowledge and skills to work, moving beyond a conceptual understanding. The additional benefit of the integration of Mercy culture in learning provides an opportunity for students to act in service to their communities and experience how valuable their skills are to others. Students who have completed the service-learning program have commented about expanding their knowledge, improving their communication skills, and increasing feelings of accomplishment as they work with diverse groups and individuals. As educators, we want to ensure there is an understanding of the benefits bestowed upon some and the responsibility to others who are less fortunate.

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Author Biographies

Traci B. Warrington, D.B.A., Salve Regina University

Traci Warrington is Professor of Marketing, University Business Studies and Economics Department, Salve Regina University, Newport, RI.

Arlene J. Nicholas, Ph.D., Salve Regina University

Arlene Nicholas is Assistant Professor in the Business Studies and Economics Department, Salve Regina University, Newport, RI.

Judith Keenan, M.A., Salve Regina University

Judith Keenan is a professional lecturer for the Business Studies and Economics Department and Information Systems Management coordinator, Salve Regina University, Newport, RI.