Measuring Students’ Perceptions of Institutional Identity: Validating the DePaul Mission and Values Inventory at a Franciscan University

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Elizabeth K. Matteo
Todd L. Bottom
Joseph R. Ferrari


The DePaul Mission and Values Inventory (DMV) was validated based on the mission, identity, and values of a large, urban, Catholic, Vincentian institution. 1 We examined the suitability of the DMV at a small, suburban, Catholic, Franciscan university. A sample of 275 undergraduates (218 women, 57 men: M age = 23.47 years old: SD = 8.81) completed the inventory. The original DMV inventory items were maintained, however, some items were changed to refl ect the identity of the current institution. Confi rmatory factor analyses indicated a moderate fi t on subscales for a Franciscan-DMV measure assessing religious pluralism (i.e., all faiths including Catholicism are supported) and innovative/inclusive programming (i.e., taking risks in programming and a campus that welcomes diversity). Results suggest that the DMV may be easily adapted for other religiously affi liated institutions. Given the paucity of valid and reliable inventories, other faith-based institutions might consider using the DMV in their regular mission assessment.

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Elizabeth K. Matteo, Alvernia University

Elizabeth K. Matteo, M.S., M.Ed., Ph.D. is Assistant Professor of Psychology at Alvernia University.

Todd L. Bottom, Alvernia University

Todd L. Bottom, M.A., is Instructor in Community Psychology.

Joseph R. Ferrari, DePaul University

Joseph R. Ferrari, M.S., Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology at DePaul University.