Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

The mission of the Journal of Catholic Higher Education is to advance the knowledge and practice of Catholic higher education in the United States and internationally.  It does this through the publication of articles on a wide range of topics related to Catholic higher education and taking a variety of approaches, such as original empirical research, theoretical exchanges, philosophical critiques, policy analyses, and practical applications for Catholic colleges and universities.

Articles appearing in the Journal of Catholic Higher Education are submitted by authors (individual and multiple authors welcome) and proceed through a full blind peer-review process.  Occasionally, the text of a speech is published because of its significance to the field. 

Please view the Frequently Asked Questions page for specific answers to questions regarding policies, procedures, and practices of the Journal of Catholic Higher Education.


Section Policies

Special Focus on Mercy Higher Education

Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

The Journal of Catholic Higher Education maintains a cohort of approximately 150 peer reviewers across 50 different content areas.  Peer reviewers typically review articles once or twice per academic year.  If you would like to become a peer reviewer for the publication, please complete a profile for consideration.


Publication Frequency

The Journal of Catholic Higher Education is published in the winter and summer of each year.



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